29th Street Rep was formed by five actors with a common goal: producing exciting and visceral theater. Looks like the word's gotten around:

"29th Street Rep is one of the most adventurous and professional theater workshops I've ever come across."

-Stephen Sondheim

"29th Street Rep might consider posting a pit bull outside the theater to caution patrons what to expect in Mr. Letts' brutal and shocking first play (KILLER JOE).... A fine cast quite literally throws itself into the project. One only hopes their major medical is paid up."

-Wilborn Hampton, The New York Times
October 21, 1994

"The Company continues to evolve a fearless, go-for-the-jugular acting style that complements their ferocious material-watching them perform within their compact theater is the equivalent of being inside the firing chamber of a gun."

-Michael Sommers, The Star Ledger
September 23, 1996

"29th Street Rep is known for producing violently intense dramas, so this show (FOOL FOR LOVE) is right up its alley. And its tiny, crowded space, which seems to pile audience members on top of each other, is just the kind of theater Sam Shepard belongs in. 29th Street Rep and Sam Shepard are a match made in heaven."

-Jason Zinoman, Time Out New York
February 2002

"AVENUE A is a jewel of a play crafted with uncanny precision. Bittersweet, with a finale that is shocking, Steen's play is lean and mean. Like KILLER JOE, AVENUE A is a difficult piece; hard as nails. Life is pretty ugly on this street, and sentiment is scarce. About the best compliment one could ever give this gifted company is that, after one of its productions, the night air feels so refreshing."

-Ricky Spears, In Theater
October 4, 1999

"In BOBBY SUPREME, J. B. Miller's caustic morality tale about a young comedian who finds success by scaling the landfill of human-kind's foulest instincts. In a production solidly staged by Tim Corcoran and featuring a maliciously seductive performance by David Mogentale as the demon comic, the 29th Street Rep gives BOBBY SUPREME the decadent handling it deserves."

-Peter Marks, The New York Times
May 20, 1998

"Theater should stir up your insides, and that's what happened at the 29th Street Rep's revival of TRACERS. This was a raw, vigorous demonstration of the physical and emotional hell known as the Vietnam War."

-Alexis Green, InTheater,"The Best of 1997"
January 16, 1998

"Artistic Directors David Mogentale and Tim Corcoran are like malicious carnival barkers; they want you to poke your head in the tent and take a long, sickening look at the freaks."

-Peter Marks, The New York Times
September 21, 1999

"29th Street Rep is a ballsy company that offers auds a chance to walk on the wild side. Its plays steam with cheap sex, dirty dialogue and blunt-force violence; it works in an edgy ensemble style that hangs tough and looks dangerous. And according to the kick-ass T-shirts on sale in the lobby, it takes great pride in being a place 'where brutal theatre lives'."

- Marilyn Stasio, Variety
February 21-27 2005

"The general affect of a 29th Street Rep show is a barroom brawl, with intermissions. Year in, year out, the company mounts plays that let the actors rough up each other, the scenery and the audience"

-Jeremy McCarter, The New York Sun
March 12 - 14, 2004

Ensemble Cast in Miss Lonelyhearts 1989

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