Where brutal theater lives.

Generally all seating is general, all seats were 20 bucks for THE CONVERSATION. For all you groupies - 10 or more tix and (O.K.) we'll give you a deal. Call us at (212) 465-0575.

Our ticket service for productions is SmartTix at (212) 868-4444 or visit their website at All plastics are readily accepted.

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(taking your chances)

TDF vouchers are accepted, but remember tough guy, TDF and cash purchases can only be obtained at the box office starting at 6:45pm on the night of the show. That's when our scrumptious box office babe arrives in her low-cut dress. You can purchase advance tix at the theater from 6:45-8pm on the nights of shows.

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29th Street Rep - Where Brutal Theater Lives!

Here's how to find us:

29th Street Rep Studio is located at 212 W. 29th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues on the third floor.


Get to Manhattan (bridge, tunnel, whatever) and hail a Yellow Cab. If a cab actually stops for you, get in the back seat and say: "I'd like to go to 29th Street between 7th and 8th, champ - so step on it." If you're left standing on the curb, follow directions below.

Subway Directions

Red Line (1/9)
Take the 1/9 line to 28th Street, come up to street level, and do the math.

Green Line (4/5/6)
(As if you can get anywhere from the Upper East Side.) Hop on the 4/5/6. At 42nd Street, transfer to the Shuttle to the West Side, walk from there or transfer to the downtown 1/9. See above.

Blue Line (A/C/E)
Take the A/C/E to 23rd Street or 34th Street. Walk up or down 8th Avenue accordingly.

Orange Line (B/D/F/Q)
From the South:
Take the B/D/F/Q to West 4th Street. Transfer there to the A/C/E. See above.

From the North:
Take the B/D/F/Q to 34th Street and enjoy the stroll West. If you're ambitious or lazy, you can hop a cross-town bus. It might be possible to transfer to a 1/9 or A/C/E at some point - you can figure it out.

Yellow Line (N/R)
Ride to 28th Street and walk west a couple of blocks and up one.

Once you've arrived you'll need to walk two flights up to see the show. By the way, you can park your car in the lot across the street after 5 p.m. for a mere $13.52. What a steal!

Sound clip: "Piano Cue for End" Will Pitts © 1999