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29th St Rep is having another one of our infamous "Plays In Motion" Play Reading Series. These are 4 plays never before done in NYC. They promise to be visceral, "down and dirty" and yes, BRUTAL. Come with a hot dolly, have some brownies, drink some soda and listen to some in-your-face theater. And the readings are FREE. That's right, tough guy, FREE!


Sunday, September 13

by Matt Pelfrey

Three desperate Hollywood bottom feeders have literally sucked dick to get ahead...and failed.

What happens when America's hippest director is found in a drug induced state in their backyard? Do they
(A) call an ambulance?
(B) call the cops?
(C) wake him with a concoction of Viagra and Redbulls so they can pitch him their latest-BARKING SPIDERS?

You get the idea.

Sunday, September 20

by Mark Roberts

Their marriage has reached its expiration fact it has soured and stuck to the bottom of the carton.

There is a thin line between love and hate.
A kiss or a punch.
An ice cream cone or a beer bottle to the back of the head.


"Rantoul And Die is a rant of the highest magnitude...diving off a building into a glass of water. I know I'd pay to see a guy do that" -Tom Waits

Sunday, September 27

by Jonathan Reynolds

An alarming take on abortion in three American eras. This play will enrage Gloria Steinem, make Margaret Sanger twirl in her grave, and irritate the hell out of the pro-choice movement. WARNING: Leave your p.c. at home, but not your sense of humor!

Sunday, October 4

by Chad Beckim

Sophie has a problem: her mother is marrying a seemingly benign man, but Sophie's Scrabble game has begun to whisper secrets that make her desperate to rid her life of him once and for all.

Two worlds interwine via the Giant Buddha of Leshan, earthquakes, Swiss-Army knives and Martin Lawrence in a shocking modern-day ghost story.

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