"Spring 1988. I move out of my comfortable two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan and into an empty, 2,500 square foot loft on West 29th St, a part of Manhattan known chiefly for prostitution. There is no hot water in the building and I am reduced to showering at a friend's house and sleeping on a sofabed at night. I spend my days painting the walls of the loft black and every cent I have is going towards financing the least financially secure venture I could possibly have come up with: a theater company.

What was I thinking?

Summer 2005. Seventeen years later and 29th St. Rep is a reality, and much to the joy (and relief) of the founding members, a great success. Sure, it was difficult in the beginning (mostly because we had no clue whatsoever what we were doing) but here we are. I'm honored to hold the title of Founding Artistic Director and am proud to say that I've earned a reputation as a respected director; no small feat in this city. I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented actors, designers and directors around. I even started my own acting school to pass on the skills that I acquired after slugging it out in the trenches of New York Theater for well over a decade.

In short, it's been an amazing seventeen years. We've managed to create one of the best ensemble acting companies in New York; a theater that does honest, believable work with plays that don't just entertain but expand peoples' opinions and beliefs, all the while pushing the envelope just a little bit further each time. I've had some of my greatest life experiences directing and acting with my fellow company members and the countless others that have graced the stage at 29th Street with their formidable talents. Needless to say, the company and I have come a long way from that sofabed.

Can't wait to see what the next seventeen years bring."

-Tim Corcoran, 29th Street Rep

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